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ElRichMc Gungeoneer Mod


How To Install

1. Download Mod The Gungeon

2. Install Mod The Gungeon by opening the .exe file and clicking "Step:3 Install ETGMod".
You will know when it's installed by looking up, it should say Enter The Gungeon [Mod:(version) -debug] [saved]

3. Launch the game and close it, so you generate the files.

4. Close the Mod The Gungeon installer and download the mod.

5. Put the .zip file in ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ and extract it (overwrite if needed).

6. Launch the game and play!


ElRichMC Gungeoneer Reskin

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Mod Compatibility


This mod uses the following resources:

-Ammonomicon Encounter Icon Collection

-Character VFX Collection


  ·All the sprites

  ·convict_alt_facecard_apppear_001, 003, 004, 010, 011





-VFX Collection 002


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